We can Design-Build The Home of Your Dreams

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A beautiful house built at a price you can afford

A Guide for getting what you want and can afford

Why you should choose CLCPE to Design Build Your House

1. Partner with a Professional Home Designer who shares your values.
2. Take Time to Define your Wants, Needs & Budget during the Design.
3. Have your House Designed to Fit the Site
4. Use the Natural Elements of Your Site to Benefit Your Budget and Needs.
5. Start Small and Add Later
6. Incorporate Healthy, Low Energy, Resource Efficient Construction.
7. Plan Your House for Your Future

1. We can Design Build your House from start to finish.
2. Having one company design and build your house Saves Time and Money.
3. We stay educated on the Newest Building Technologies.
4. A Professional Engineer has the Highest Credentials in the Building Trade.
5. We Encourage the Home Owner to Participate in the Design Build Process.
6. We will Plan Your House to Maxamize the Natural Resources on Your Land.
7. We Build Houses Designed to Save you Money for Life.
8. Our company is comprised of a team of people whose creativity,
     talent and passion have helped to create an environment that is
     healthy, hard working and fun.

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.

Alan Lakein - American, Businessman

1. Define Realistic Budget early in the Design Process and work to keep control of your cost.

2. Building a Home is not the same as buying a house. Custom Homes are derived completely
     from options. It is the choices that are the heart and soul of the design process.
     The act of home construction is unlike any other acquisition or purchase.

3. Take ideas from Sarah Susanka’s “Not So Big House” and “Home by Design – Transforming
     Your House Into Home” books to design a smaller, multifunctional home with a plan for the
     future use of the spaces as your family unit changes and ages.

4. A Homebuyer can create their own custom home, a home of their dreams, if they understand
     the impact of the choices they make.

We currently own a few lots we plan to build on.

Have us start designing and building your custom house today.

Email: clay@clcpe.com
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